OpenAshDieBack - GeeFu

Welcome to the OpenAshDieBack GeeFu site.

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GeeFu is a site for sharing and updating genomics data and information on ash and ash dieback. Through this site you can

  • Browse and keyword search all the genomics data from The Open Ash Dieback Project

  • BLAST against the sequence databases in there

  • Read the growing wiki of contributed gene information.

  • Contribute new analyses and annotations of genes, proteins etc

  • Add to the wiki your expert knowledge

  • Modify and update the gene and protein models based

As you do this, you'll be given credit for every contribution you make, your details will be saved to our database and counted as a contributor on the project, if you choose to share.

The GeeFu ecosystem

GeeFu links closely with the OpenAshDieBack GitHub repository, all data in that is reflected here and _vice versa_ and it is this that manages our data tracking.

GeeFu mashes-up the excellent GMOD Web Appollo tool to allow graphical annotation of genes and edits of gene models.

GeeFu incorporates the also excellent Ruby gem Sequence Server as its BLAST server to allow sequence based search of the data.

GeeFu uses BioDalliance as a viewing engine for its snapshots of the genome and in-place browsing.

As a Rails-app GeeFu provides a RESTful interface for programatic access of the data.

Getting help

Any questions, please contact