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Kenninghall_wood1 (KW1) contigs
Abyss 1.3.4 assembly of KW1, Sample collected by Allan Downie, The John Innes Centre
Created at:
08 November 2013

Experiments attached to this genome

Name Description Created at Features associated
upton_broad_and_marshes_vs_tgac1.vcf upton_broad_and_marshes_vs_tgac1.vcf 10 July 2014 0
ashwellthorpe1_vs_tgac1.vcf ashwellthorpe1_vs_tgac1.vcf 10 July 2014 0
ashwellthorpe2_vs_tgac1.vcf ashwellthorpe2_vs_tgac1.vcf 10 July 2014 0
Ashwellthorpe2 (AT2) RNA-seq vs KW1 AT2 RNA-seq data aligned to KW1 reference 30 June 2014 0

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